Electric scooters aren’t cars, and that’s a good thing

I get why people are a bit peeved over all of the electric scooters (not mopeds, but the stand-up kind you can rent via a number of apps), which are scattered around DC and now NOVA . There’s a lot not to like: the fact that they block sidewalks; the speed at which riders zigzag through helpless pedestrians; the uncertainty they create for drivers when they are in the roadway. I get it.

But, as the owner of (my first) electric car, all is forgiven. News flash everyone: based on absolutely nothing but my opinion — hey, it’s my blog — we are all going to be relying on electric transportation in the next couple of decades. By the time I’m 70, electric transportation in all its forms will no longer be the expensive novelty that it is now. How can I be so certain?

I have not been to a gas station in six months.

But beyond that, electric drive transportation is a blast. My car is light and nimble and there is absolutely no engine hesitation upon acceleration. My husband says it’s essentially a golf cart on steroids. But beyond the fun, it dawns on you pretty quickly that it is a much cleaner way to get around. There is no hot noisy engine, no combustion of fossil fuels, no oil, a lot less heat, no tailpipe. Oh, and no guilt.

Now, look, I’m not a tree-hugger. I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s. We’d drink real Coke and throw the can in the only bin in the house: the garbage. We didn’t compost, or think about our carbon footprint, or worry about the world getting warmer. Hell, I grew up in a time when New England often felt like Antarctica, a place where we couldn’t open our car doors because they were frozen shut and sledding out of our second floor window was actually possible after a decent Nor’easter.

That aside, the world in which I came of age is not the world we live in now. This summer was a wake-up call for me. It was unusually hot. There were many days I was reminded of the Augusts I spent down in Louisiana. Only this isn’t Louisiana. Case in point, I was putting Halloween pumpkins out today and it was 92 degrees. Our yard is as dusty as the desert and the air in Del Ray is lately heavy with the smell of smog and treated waste water, carried by thick, humid winds.

You don’t have to see the ice caps melting with your own eyes to know we’re in trouble. And although we don’t have kids, we do think about the world our nieces and nephews will find themselves in if we all don’t start contributing to the climate solution, rather than the problem.

Will my little electric car save the Amazon Rain Forest? No. But every time I let someone drive it, and I see in their eyes that they could see themselves driving an electric vehicle, too, I feel like I am doing my tiny part.

So I cut the electric scooter riders some slack. Because, collectively, they’re cutting the planet some.

This week’s inspiration was found in a bottle of Grand Cru Chardonnay, which is an old favorite. I like this wine so much, I served it at our wedding. It has notes of vanilla and oak and is incredibly full-bodied for the price. Very approachable and tends to make even Sav drinkers happy. Around $15.

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