Half-pour: All-American sadness

I’m going to start calling these random thoughts “half-pours.” Ok, to my few subscribers, thanks for being on the ground floor of this one! I try not to be political on this blog for obvious reasons, but I feel I have no choice but to say…I am wiped out with cable news. If I was a coke addict, my nose would be bleeding.

It occurred to me yesterday that I couldn’t tell you what’s happening in our own country, save for the mass shootings and bullshit celebrity news, any more than I could tell you what’s actually the fuck going on anywhere else in the world. News has been replaced with political rancor. And we suffer for it as an informed citizenry.

The power of the press has at once awed me with its voracity for veracity, and terrified me with how pliable and eased into supplication it can be in the face of the grotesque usurping of its right to exist. I alternate between pride for the fortitude of the Fourth Estate, and utter rage at how it has let the inanity of twenty-four-seven pundancy distract it.

This is not the country I know. I remember a country that all gathered round the TV to watch Happy Days. From coast to coast. I remember a country that mourned, TOGETHER, for the death of President Kennedy, for the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, during 9/11. This country — everyone — shared a love of football, and Halloween and barbecue. And celebrated Thanksgiving with turkey. Everyone seated together, thankful for what this country has always offered. A dream fulfilled.

But today, it feels like a nightmare. No matter what side you are on, today is a sad day for our nation, one that generations to come will look upon as another regrettable failure of a once mighty and revered American institution.

So, have a glass of wine. And toast to a sad yet historic day. Oh fuck it, have two.

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