The Housewives of a Good School District — A Dialogue

KATE: Marie, I love that dress, it is so cute. On you. I can’t believe you fit into that at 8 months. When I was that far along, I was wearing frocks. Like sheets. Like full on togas. You are so thin. When is your next appointment with Doctor Sandy? Soon? Hopefully soon.

MARIE: Postponed it. I’m doing the pregnant moms power walk for infertility.

KATE: The what?

MARIE: I’ll go, though. Of course. Sandy already keeps texting me reminders to take my vitamins. If I miss that appointment, she might actually want to stay in our guest house.

KATE: My Benji was saying that you converted it into Eva’s bedroom?

MARIE: Her father’s idea.

KATE: Lucky girl. 

MARIE: Luck? No, it’s a quid pro quo thing. Bryson can’t leave his work at work. The daughter of a diplomat enjoys all of the benefits of diplomacy.

KATE: So, what is she doing for him?

MARIE: What?

KATE: You said it was quid pro quo? What’s the quo?

MARIE: That if he let her live in the guest house and go to Sagamore Academy, she would stop calling her stepmother the “B” word.

(EVA enters the kitchen. Looks disapprovingly at the two women and their quarter-filled bottle of chardonnay.)

KATE: So, what’s the problem? 

MARIE: Good morning, Eva. Where are you off to?

EVA: Oh, I am just headed out to go-fuck-yourself, Boomer.

(EVA leaves the room.)

KATE: She is going to love Sagamore.